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When it comes to buying an Engagement ring or even Manufacturing a special piece of jewellery customers are often left with a piece that hadn’t quite met their expectations. This is why at Rohan Jewellery we employ a ‘Master Wax Carver’ to put your ideas into a tangible form without the expensive outlay of making a piece from start to finish in a metal with no more than your initial input into the design.

Our ‘Hand Wax carving service’ allows the customer to bring in your ideas/photos and to quickly ‘hand sculpt’ the item in wax which you can then wear on your figure. You then look at the piece and if something doesn’t work it can be changed quickly. It may take 2 to 3 visits but eventually with ‘your input’ you have your design in wax. Stones can be set into the wax (the wax is usually green) and the final look signed off before being sent to casting.

Using the ‘Lost Wax’ casting method your creations becomes a unique piece in any precious metal you wish from 9ct to 18ct white, yellow, rose Gold, Platinum, Palladium and Silver.

Hand carving jewellery is faster than manufacturing in metal form start to finish. Final seizing and detailing of claws is still added to the cast jewellery however the time saving translates to cost saving between $500 to $1500 for manufacturing depending on the complexity of the piece of jewellery. This allows you to put this money back into pocket or invest it in larger gem (for those on a fixed budget)

What you need to do is; as clearly as possible get your ideas on paper. You may be borrowing features from several sources, other jewellery you have seen, surfing the Internet may help. When you visit Rohan Jewellery we will sit with you to interpret your desires, from there it’s a partnership between you and Rohan to create your ‘Special’ piece of Jewellery.

Traditional methods of manufacturing are still used in our Workshop. Our jewellers can hand make any pattern fabricating it in the desired precious metal from start to finish. (Knowing what you want is important)

Also in our Workshop we can ‘Remodel’ old jewellery, ‘restore’ the piece to ‘as new’ conditions. We can do most Repair work.

All workmanship is conducted on site behind Rohan Jewellery and you are welcomed to view the manufacturing process.

“Your input is what makes Rohan Jewellery manufacturing process Special”

For the ‘Price’ conscious Rohan carries a wide range of design that can be fabricated from moulds. These rings in particular are well made and are able to be caste into any metal; this incurs only a few dollars of manufacturing costs allowing the money to be spent on the diamond rather than the manufacturing process.

A huge range of Gem Stones are available not only diamonds but also Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds, Tourmalines, and Tanzanite and many other semi precious gem stones. There is no need to be traditional with your ideas.