4mm Bangles

4mm Bangles

Internal Diameter : 65mm

Weight : 12.5 grams S/S

Width : 4mm

Fully Engraved


Bangles are manufactured in a half round form in widths 4 5 6 8 10 12 mm. With Bangle sizes for babies starting at 1 2 3 4 upto large hand size of 70mm + internal width. An oval shape lets a larger hand fit the smaller bangle. We can make bangles in the follwoing metals :

Sterling Silver/



In Yellow and Rose Gold

We also make a range of Kiwiana bangles including Koru, Fern, Kiwi, Wave, Moss and more patterns.

Bangles are generally fully hand engraved but can also be supplied plain. Bangles can also be gem stone set with a mix of engraving and plain. Bangles are perfect birthdays and anniversary presents.

We make torc style bangles set with New Zealand green stone in flower or Westland Green. The stone bezels can be in silver or gold.